We’re quite a bunch of oddballs.

We joke around so much because it relieves the stress. Our clients realize that our humor is a little off center, but when it’s time to be serious – we’re all business. We expect an awful lot from each other and that reflects in our staff and the vendors that work with us. If it’s broke… fix it! If it’s not broke… what can you do to make it better? If you make it better… how can you do it faster? When that’s done… make it cost effective!

Tracy Simmons and Dave Fraser

Tracy Simmons has owned and operated Commercial Graphics for 30 years. His vision has allowed his company to grow from a one dimensional print shop into the multifaceted company that it is today offering a full line of print, large format graphics, displays, vehicle graphics and promotional items.

In order to complete his visual communications circle, he turned to Dave Fraser, owner of the Fraser Design Group. A 1980 graduate of CCS, Dave has owned and operated his communication company for over 26 years.

I had a mirror vision for my clients that Tracy had for his. I needed to round out my company with a printer that placed more value on quality and service than on financial reward. The dedication shown by CGIs team while trying to exceed expectations made it impossible to look elsewhere for a business partner. They set new standards for the industry and can keep costs competitive.

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